MobileInTent is a creative production of Ann Schnake, in collaboration with Ana Labastida, Bianca Cabrera, and other artists who push boundaries between art and ideas. We are building a pop up visual and performative art space, traveling to public sites in the Bay Area as



                               performance site

                                           meeting place

                                                      research platform



In September 2013 MobileInTent began its travels to four East Bay sites, in a space that articulates artful interactions and big ideas.  The first series of exhibitions of MobileInTent  focused on rising waters, future visioning and gentle erosion of collective dissociation from the natural world, with installations as visual vignettes, sculptural works, video projections and performances.   We are interested in the affects of obscure small acts paired with extraordinary beauty, and how generosity and shifting boundaries might cause subtle shifts of perception.  For that reason, we will use our space in different ways over the next year: philosophical dialogues, skyped interchanges with artists in Serbia, Egypt and Mexico, morning tea and yoga, whittling projects for new and old wood carvers, a few meals, talks and conversation will all be a part of the tent.

As the core of the project, we are artists who want to work in mobile spaces that reflect a feeling of precariousness associated with temporary forms of sustenance, and a domesticity gone feral. We are remembering   traditions of traveling artists, from a desert theater caravan to a time traveling medicine show, gathering audiences in public sites with speculative logic.  We are interested in possibility of true site-specificity, linking idea and place and defying usual spatial and perceptual limitations. Perhaps  we can build  means of seeing our human, animal and geophysical conditions in fresh view…